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Issue 122 - Creation

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Size: 4 inch (102mm) Round
Material: Copper Antique


Creation, Issue 122

“Creation,” is a striking creation in antique copper by famed sculptor Marcel Jovine. Inspired by the Michelangelo painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, this medal adds a certain tension and creative force to that iconic image of God giving life to Man. Against a stark background of creative matter, the image of God and Man stand out alone, the Man—now created from dust—being infused with life by the finger of God. The reverse of this impressive medal represents completed creation, the lower forms of life showing on the outer circumference, higher forms gradually ascending through a chambered nautilus to arrive at Man in the center, the highest and most noble of God’s creation.

This beautiful medal is struck in limited quantities.

Marcel Jovine was one of America’s most noted industrial and fashion designers, a medallist, and a sculptor of figures and thoroughbred horses.  He is responsible for the design of nearly 200 medals and commemorative coins, and sculptures of thoroughbred racehorses like 1978 Triple Crown winner Affirmed. During his lifetime Marcel received many honors and awards, among them the J. Sanford Saltus Medal for Medallic Art from the American Numismatic Society, and the Medal of Honor from the National Sculpture Society.  

                                                                 More About The Society of Medalists
The Society of Medalists was established in 1930 to encourage the medallic work of superior sculptors, and to make their creations available to collectors. The Society is the nation's oldest and finest art medal collector's organization. Each medal is struck in solid metal with a hand finished patina, and is larger, heavier, and of higher relief than most other art medals. These fine art medals are intended to be openly displayed and enjoyed in the tradition of fine sculpture; they represent the work of the best classical and contemporary sculptors of today. The Society's medals are struck in a limited edition not exceeding 2,500, and are treasured and highly valued by discerning private collectors and outstanding museums including the British Museum, National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution, and the American Numismatic Society.

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