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Examples Shown Are The Front and Back of The Coins

         E-2 White                             E-2 Green

   E-2 Red                         E-2 Blue

         E-3 White                              E-3 Green  

E-3 Red                E-3 Blue  

    E4-Petty Officer 3rd Class         E5 Petty Officer 2nd Class

          Ensign                          Lieutenant Junior Grade

            Lieutenant                                 Lieutenant Commander

Commander                             Captain
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Navy Keepsake Coins
By Rank

E-2 White:
Seaman, Hospital, and Dental Apprentices provide critical support to enhance the fundamental services the U.S. Navy's ships and shore stations

E-2 Green:
Fulfilling a critical support role, Airman Apprentices aid in the maintenance and repair of the U.S. Navy's advanced aerial fleet.

E-2 Red:
Rigorously applying their training to enhance the performance of these systems, they seek to ensure the safety of their fellow crew members at all times

E-2 Blue:
Eager to master the advanced technology used to design and complete these projects, Construction man Apprentices work under the supervision of experienced Navy Builder

E-3 White:
Executing a variety of administrative and health care related functions, these men and women play a crucial role in the successful completion of the U.S. Navy's mission throughout the world. 

E-3 Green :
This coin salutes the skill and dedication of all Navy Airmen, whose service is vital to the success of U.S. military operations throughout the world. 

E-3 Red:
Utilizing highly advanced diagnostic tools, they monitor the performance of the ship's power plant and electrical equipment

E-3 Blue:
The U.S. Navy's Constructionmen are an integral part of the Navy "SeaBees," one of America's most celebrated fighting forces.

E4 Petty Officer Third Class:
As emerging leaders, those elevated to the rank of Petty Officer Third Class provide critical support to sustain the U.S. Navy's mission throughout the world..

E5 Petty Officer 2nd Class:
Recognized for their advancing skill, laser-like focus, and proven leadership potential, those who rise to the rank of Petty Officer Second Class are critical to the success of the U.S. Navy's mission

E8 Senior Chief Petty Officer:
Demonstrating a capacity for bold and decisive action, those elevated to the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officers join a class of proven leaders.

R9 Master Chief Petty Officer:
Inspiring all those in their command with their courage and confidence, those who achieve the rank of Colonel in the U.S. Army are among the nation's elite war fighters

Ensigns are the foundation of the Navy leadership corps. Embodying the spirit and pride of the world's most powerful maritime force

Lieutenant Junior Grade:
Proficient in full range of tasks, including navigation, communication, engineering, and equipment maintenance, their expanding expertise is essential to the success of all Navy operations

Navy Commander:
Known for their advanced technical skill and inspiring leadership ability, Navy Commanders are vital to the operation of the Navy's sea, land, and air units serving throughout the world.

Those who have risen to the rank of Captain in the U.S. Navy are renowned for their technical expertise and their proven talent for motivating the sailors and airmen in their command.

About The Coins:
Struck in a Nickel Clad these coin's rich antique finish is accented by colorful enamel highlights.

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  • 1 3/4 inch (44mm) Round

  • Over 18 Navy Ranks To Choose From

  • Material: Nickel with Enamel

  • Minted In USA

  • Military Address Shipping Available

  • Heirloom Quality

  • Arrives With Velvet Presentation Bag

  • Perfect For Pocket or Display

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