Sentimental Messages

Are your bottle glass or plastic?

All of our bottles are glass.

Do you gift wrap the bottles?
All of our bottles arrive wrapped in either a velvet drawstring gift bag, or placed in a wooden
treasure chest or a gift box depending on your choice of styles we offer.
See bottle descriptions for exact components and features.

Do I have to use only your poems or messages?
No, You can write your own if you like at final checkout, and we will take care of the rest!

Is there any charge for using my own poem or letter?
Absolutely not.

Can I order ahead of time for Valentine's Day or Christmas so that I make sure I get the bottle in time?
YES! Please let us know if there is a future need/arrival date and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

What are the keepsake keys made of?
They are lead free solid pewter. Not all styles come with the key. See the product description for full details.

You say you use real rose petals, is that true?

Yes, we do use real rose petals! They have been purchased direct from the grower and are
premium rose petals. They have been freeze dried and will last for months or even years if kept
in a cool dry place and out of direct sunlight.
Not all styles come with rose petals. See the product description for full details.

If I am sending this as a gift, is an invoice included? I don't want my gift recipient to know who sent it or what I paid for it.
If the item is shipped to anyone other that the person who purchased it we do not send an invoice.

Who wrote the poems and letters offered?
With the exception of Shakespeare's Sonnet all of the poems and or letters were written by Arlene Brown and are copyrighted. They are offered only for the exclusive use of our customers. No copying of them whether written, printed, electronic or via any other medium is allowed.

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