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    The Legend of The Writer ©
There is a legend born long ago of a writer whose works were considered great art. He would take pen to parchment like an artist would take a brush to canvas. All of his works were written using a common thread. True Love.
He toiled day and night writing page after page of verse that touched the heart of all who read them. His works were in such demand that everyone from Vagabonds' to Kings awaited his next work with great anticipation.
It was said that his works had the ability to heal lover's hearts and unite those who had been separated by circumstance.
His poetry and prose continued to pour out of him until one day
he just stared blankly at his parchment. Something was missing. He decided to take a stroll through the village. Soon he came upon a beautiful garden. He had noticed this garden before but for some reason today it looked different and there was a sweet aroma in the air. He noticed a single red rose growing in the midst of all the other garden flowers. It was ruby red and its petals were closed, for the rose was not in full bloom. The Writer took it back to his studio where he placed it in a cobalt blue bottle. And there it stayed, at his side, as he took pen to paper once again. But the words still did not come.

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Still nothing came to him. But the rose remained ever at his side. One day he heard a loud commotion outside his window. A crowd of his loyal readers gathered around his residence to thank The Writer for his creative works. As his eyes welled up from listening to all of the adoration he realized why he was unable to write. It was really quite simple. For while it is wonderful to give to others and say in verse what the heart needs to hear, it also needs to be heard in return. You see, it wasn’t enough for The Writer to be unselfish and write for the people who loved his work. He also needed to know he was loved.

He let the love he felt from the crowd soak in a bit more and then felt an overwhelming urge to write once again. As he walked to his desk he noticed the rose was in now in full bloom. Against the candle light two of the petals had come together to cast a shadow on to the parchment below. The image was that of a heart.

Was the rose meant for him to find as a way to thank The Writer for his many gifts? Or was it meant to remind us to let the people in our lives know just how much they are loved every day? Whichever you believe, what is most important is that no matter the obstacles or sacrifice, true love, spoken in word or in verse has the power to touch the heart and soul of the people who we love the most.
For true love never fades it grows stronger with each passing day.

© The Legend of The Writer Rose is Copyrighted by Kemper Lake Group. The Legend of The Writer is an original work by Arlene Brown and may not be used, reproduced, copied electronically or via any other  medium without expressed written permission. 
All Rights Reserved
               Chest is engraved with a hearts and flowers motif
                 Optional Engraved Plate Is Available At No Charge
             Antique  Swivel Latch or Chrome Flip Latch Closure
                                     Based on Availability
             Outside Size Length is 15.5" - Height is 6.0" -  Width is 5"

The Legend of
The Writer
Edition Message Bottle
 and Chest

Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, birthday, wedding or anything in-between our exclusive and romantic gift will be long be remembered after your gift recipient receives
 "The Writer"
© Edition Sentimental Messages Gift Bottle and Treasure Chest with pewter key.

Each bottle is engraved one at a time with a beautiful quill pen and ink well as shown below.

The treasure chest boasts a beautiful heart motif that is engraved on to the top of the chest. Open up the chest and your gift recipient will find the entire story of The Writer engraved onto a large plate on the inside lid! Optional FREE engraved name plates is also available. Finally a beautiful brass completes the ambiance of the outside of this stunning keepsake box.

Next your very own message is printed on our archival quality parchment paper. We then burn
the edges of the paper to create an "old world" feel!
It is then hand rolled into a scroll and placed in our cobalt blue message bottle that includes:
A long stem red silk rose and a solid pewter Key To My Heart.

The "treasure chest" is made from cherry wood and measures  a generous
Outside Size Length is 15.5" - Height is 6.0" -  Width is 5"  


  • Glass Bottle Approximately 12" With Cork

  • Treasure Chest

  • Velvet Presentation Bag, Color Based On

  • Red Silk Long Stem Rose

  • Optional Name Engraved On Chest


  • Solid Lead Free Pewter Key To my Heart

  • Silk Rose Petals

  • The Writer Story Engraved On A Plate

  • Long Stem Red Silk Rose

  • Your Message on a Parchment Scroll

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                      Pewter Key To My Heart Included


                  Example of  Optional Plate on The Chest

    Includes Engraving!

      Step 1 - Choose Style:
       Non Engraved Chest    Engraved Chest
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    Step 2 - Choose Message For Scroll:
    Step 3 - Add Personalization Here If  You Are Adding
     A Name For Engraving On The Optional Brass Plate
             Maximum 24  Characters



    Each Bottle Is Engraved With
    The Writer and a Pen and Ink Well

                                         Want To Write Your Own Message? It's Easy!
                                     Simply Choose From The Drop Down "Will Write My Own Message At Final Checkout"
                                     At Final Checkout There Is A Space Provided  For You To Write Your  Own Message
                                     Maximum Amount of Characters For This Bottles Scroll Is 1200 Including Spaces

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