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The Blue Rose ©
There is a story of a poor maiden and a prince separated by miles and privilege. You see the two had met one day in the village. He on his mighty steed and her pushing the flower cart she used to make a few shillings. He was mesmerized by her beauty. However this kind of love was forbidden as royalty was expected to see only those of like privilege. It wasn't long after their first meeting before he planned visits to the village. He had to travel under the cover of darkness, but it forged the bonds of true love between the two. He knew he had to keep their relationship a secret. So he devised a way to let her know he was thinking of her by using the Language of Flowers to convey his feelings. The Language of Flowers was used in Victorian times to send special messages or feelings without using words. A red rose signified love, a pink rose… desire, etc. He began leaving roses of different colors placed in strategic places for the young maiden to find. As time went on he found every rose color imaginable. They were left at her door and secret meeting places. But there was one rose color that escaped him. The elusive blue rose. The Blue Rose signifies mystery, intrigue and the obtaining of love that might, at times, seem to have numerous obstacles to overcome. One such obstacle soon presented itself. He had to leave for a period of time. He was not able to explain things fully to her but he promised her he would return for her.

Many days and nights would pass. One day she found a note tacked to her door. It simply said..."Come to the garden". She turned the corner to the garden path and an intoxicating aroma of roses filled the air. As she approached her garden she saw him, he had come for her. He stood surrounded by hundreds of red roses and one blue rose in his hand. He gave up everything to start his life over again with her. You see for love, and in matters of the heart, what might seem unattainable for some is only a matter of knowing where to look.
Your very own heart.

© The Story of the Blue Rose is Copyrighted by Kemper Lake Group. The Story of the Blue Rose is an original work by Arlene Brown and may not be used, reproduced, copied electronically or via any other  medium without expressed written permission. 
All Rights Reserved

                 Solid Pewter Key To My Heart Included!


Chest is engraved with a hearts and flowers motif
                 Optional Engraved Plate Is Available At No Charge
               Swivel Latch or Flip Latch Closure Based on Availability
             Outside Size Length is 15.5" - Height is 6.0" -  Width is 5"


The Blue Rose
Product Description Below - To See Story See Left

In the Victorian Era people who desired to communicate or send a secret  message used the "Language of Flowers" to express their feelings. There were times, due to various circumstances,
that ones true feelings could not be openly expressed. So people of this era devised a way to arrange flowers in a certain way or choose a specific color to reveal these thoughts and feelings secretly.
Red roses meant love and romance. White meant purity, innocence, sympathy and spirituality and so on. However the rarest of the rare is the elusive Blue Rose. The Blue Rose signifies mystery, intrigue and the obtaining of love that might, at times, seem to have numerous obstacles to overcome.

Our new Blue Rose Chest and Message Bottle is the perfect gift to send whether you are in a new relationship or one that is already established. Perhaps distance or circumstance separates you
from a loved one. It is for these reasons and more that we have chosen the Blue Rose Gift Chest as our Limited Edition Sentimental Messages Treasure Chest and Bottle for 2015/2016. Read the entire Legend (see left)  Also included is our Victorian era solid pewter Key to My Heart, copy of the story of The Blue Rose and a long stem silk Blue Rose.

In addition our master engravers have etched the story of the Blue Rose onto a custom plate that fits into the inside lid of the case. Every time your gift recipient opens the case they will be reminded of this very special story

An instant heirloom!


Bottle is Engraved With The Blue Rose Motif As
Shown. We Use a 12" Clear  Glass Bottle. The Blue
Background is for Visualization Purposes Only

Features and Components:

* 12" Glass Engraved Bottle
* Rosewood Finish Solid Wood Box
* Engraved Story on Inside Lid
* Burnt Edged Parchment Scroll
* Velvet Presentation Bag For Scroll
* Solid Pewter Key to my Heart Keepsake
* Optional Free Brass Name Plate
* Long Stem Blue Silk Rose

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                                     Includes Free Engraving!

  Step 1 - Choose Style:
   Chest Non Engraved    Chest & Engraved Plate
Step 2 - Choose Message For Scroll:
        View Our Stock Messages  
Step 3 - Add Personalization For Optional Name Plate         
Maximum 28 Characters


            Want To Write Your Own Message For The Scroll That Goes In The Bottle? It's Easy!
                                 Simply Choose From The Drop Down "Will Write My Own Message At Final Checkout"
                                 At Final Checkout There Is A Space Provided  For You To Write Your  Own Message
                                 Maximum Amount of Characters For Scroll is 1200 Including Spaces
                                  We reserve the right to change bag color if blue is out of stock


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