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Laser Engraved Compass Motif on the Top of the Box!
Outside Size Length is 15.5" - Height is 6.0" -  Width is 5"
Swivel Latch or Flip Latch Closure Based on Availability


The Captain's Compass Story ©
Long ago, there was a captain who had self professed that his life, love and lady were the sea. It has been said that he would never give his heart to another. Why had been a speculation of many. But it was felt by some that years ago he had fallen deeply in love with a beautiful woman. They spent many days together before he had to leave port. And when the day came that he had to go, he vowed he would one day return for her. He sailed the seas and braved mighty storms and very rough seas. The only thing that kept him going was the very thought of her. However, when he returned for her, she was gone. He searched for months, leaving no stone unturned. But alas, he could not find her. His heart was broken. He vowed never to love again. He climbed upon what he felt now was his only true love, his mighty ship. As time went on, his heart turned even colder. "How could she have gone? I gave her my solemn word I would return" he thought to himself. That very night he heard a splash against the bow of the ship. He thought nothing of it at first; perhaps it was a dolphin or the natural rustle of the tide. Again he heard a splash; this time he went to investigate. Just over the bow of the ship was a mermaid, and the sound that he heard was her tail fin splashing the water in order to get his attention "I have this for you" she said softly and opened her hand to reveal a metal object of some sort. He reached to retrieve it from her but she took back her hand briskly. The mermaid said "You must learn to trust in the one you love, for she is looking for you and has not abandoned you. She sent me to find you and give you this. Use it and you will find your way back to her. Startled at this turn of events, he tried once again to retrieve the item from the mermaid’s hand. "She loves you and waits for you on shore…go to her, this heart compass will guide you". As he reached for the compass the second time, she moved her outstretched arm closer to him "Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart" the Captain said. He took the compass from her and she smiled sweetly back at him. In a blink of an eye she was gone. The captain held the compass to his heart, and like magic, the ship took sail on its own. He stood steadfast on the bow of the ship, and what took days to travel to, but felt like an instant, was the sight of land just ahead. The ship dropped anchor. At first he thought he was dreaming, but he was not, for in the distance he saw her running toward him. They embraced. He held her for a very long time and asked for no explanation. None was needed. They were together and that is all that mattered. Some say the captain and his lady sail the seas to this very day. Others say they grew old in each other’s arms. Whichever you believe, never forget that true love will always find its way back to you.

© The Story of the Captains Compass is Copyrighted by Kemper Lake Group. The Story of the Captains Compass is an original work by Arlene Brown and may not be used, reproduced, copied electronically or via any other  medium without expressed written permission.  All Rights Reserved
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The Captains
Compass Chest
Product Description Below

Our Captain's Compass Wood Treasure Chest and Sentimental Messages Bottle will long
be remembered after your recipient receives this
very special gift. To understand the meaning behind the Captain's Compass read the loving and  inspiring story (see left) written by Arlene Brown.

Consider this for an anniversary gift, wedding gift, birthday or "just because. It is the perfect gift to send whether you are in a new relationship or one that is already established. Perhaps distance or circumstance separates you from a loved one.

The craftsmanship of each chest is simply extraordinary. Cherry wood finish outer chest with felt lined bottom on the inside. In addition our Master Engravers laser engrave the Captain's Compass Story on a silver tone plate that fits on the inside lid of the chest! Stunning!

The bottle is laser engraved with a nautical directional compass right on the bottle itself.
For the scroll inside the bottle choose from one
of our messages or create your own at final checkout. 
Arrives with our pewter compass!!
The top of the heart compass says:
My Heart Will Guide you Home.
Flip it over and it is a real working compass!
Each pewter heart compass is hand forged
for us here in the USA and arrives in its very
own velvet jewelers bag. Approximate size of the compass is:
1 ¼ Keep the compass with the chest or it is small enough to keep in your pocket, purse,
briefcase or backpack for a daily reminder
of your love.

* 12" Premium Glass Bottle With Cork
* Real Sand and Sea Shells
* Red Velvet Presentation Bag For Bottle
* FREE Engraving
* Solid Pewter Compass
* Cherry Finish Engraved Chest
* FREE Optional Brass Name Plate
* Full Story Engraved On The Inside Insert

* View Our Stock Messages
* Bottle FAQ's
* When Will It Ship?
* View More Bottle Choices

Example of Engraving On Bottle

Example of Optional Free Brass Plate

No Charge For Engraved Plate For a Limited Time

  Step 1 - Choose Style:
   Chest Non Engraved    Chest & Engraved Plate
Step 2 - Choose Message For Scroll:
        View Our Stock Messages  
Step 3 - Add Personalization Here For Optional Plate                             
 Maximum 28 Characters


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            Want To Write Your Own Message For The Scroll That Goes In The Bottle? It's Easy!
                                 Simply Choose From The Drop Down "Will Write My Own Message At Final Checkout"
                                 At Final Checkout There Is A Space Provided  For You To Write Your  Own Message
                                 Maximum Amount of Characters For Scroll is 1200 Including Spaces


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