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Enchanted Love

There is a story of long ago that told of a Knight who before going into battle left a message under his true loves pillow as she slept. When his true love awoke she found the note and read it. It said she was to look for a wooden box that contained a special gift, but only after a weeks time had passed and it was to be opened at the stroke of midnight. It has been said that his gift was meant to help soothe the ache in his lady's heart while he was away. Legend says he had hoped it would soothe his heart too, as he would know the precise time of her opening the gift and felt they would be "together" even if in some small way. After a weeks time, his true love followed the instructions and found the gift exactly where the Knight said it would be. As she opened the box she could smell the sweet scent of roses as it perfumed the air around her. Opening the box a bit further she saw a bottle with a cork in it. As she took the bottle from the box she noticed there was a velvet bag around the neck of the bottle and on the inside of the bottle there was a parchment scroll. She opened the velvet bag first and found a Key To My Heart made of the finest pewter. Next she removed the cork from the bottle and read the message written on the scroll...the words he wrote would remain within her heart forever. There were many days and nights that passed before he would return to her, but the gift he left for her to find never left her gaze or her heart. It comforted her through that most difficult time. For in love and in life there are many obstacles to overcome but do not forget that the spirit of true love can never be broken.

The Tale of Enchanted Love is Copyrighted by Kemper Lake Group. The Tale of Enchanted Love is an original work by Arlene Brown and may not be used, reproduced, copied electronically or via any other medium without expressed written permission. All Rights Reserved

Enchanted Love Edition
New Treasure Chest!

Exclusively ours, the Enchanted Love Edition Sentimental  Message Bottle with Pewter Key Keepsake and engraved Wood Keepsake box will become a treasured gift your gift recipient is sure to cherish for a lifetime.

We have taken the Enchanted Love story and laser engraved it on to a custom gold tone plate that is located on the inside of the box, see photo at left.


The story speaks of a Knight who knowing he must go into battle decided to leave a special note under his true loves pillow for her to find when she awoke in the morning. The note gives her directions on where to find a special gift he hid for her to find.
You can read the entire story (see below)

This gift includes all the components listed below and your special message or you can choose one of our stock messages printed on archival quality parchment paper. The parchment papers edges have been burnt to add to the "old world" look and appeal.

The treasure chest, its components and the message in a bottle is packaged beautifully. Every detail has been addressed to make this the perfect gift. Its quality and craftsmanship will satisfy even the most discriminating of tastes. An instant heirloom!     


* 12" Premium Glass Bottle With Cork
* Real Rose Petals or Sand and Sea Shells
* Velvet Presentation Bag For Bottle
* FREE Red Jewelers Bag For Key
* Solid Pewter Key To My Heart Keepsake
* Cherry Finish Engraved Treasure Chest
* FREE Optional Brass Name Plate
* Parchment Scroll With Burnt Edges
* Engraved Story Insert

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  Step 1 - Choose Style:
   No Engraved Plate    Engraved Plate
 Step 2 - Choose Message For Scroll:
 Step 3 - Add Personalization Here If  You Are Adding A Name For Engraving
                          Max 24  Letters

                                      Want To Write Your Own Message For The Scroll? It's Easy!
                                 Simply Choose From The Drop Down "Will Write My Own Message At Final Checkout"
                                 At Final Checkout There Is A Space Provided  For You To Write Your  Own Message For The Scroll
                                 Maximum Amount of Characters For Scroll For The Bottle is 1200 Including Spaces

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