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$7.90 - $12.00/per set of 4
Price Depending on Quantity
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Bridal and Wedding Favors

Favor 50th Anniversary Candle

What an extraordinary occasion! Reaching their 50th anniversary is a milestone every couple dreams of as they walk down the aisle. The day that dream comes true deserves the celebration of a lifetime, and we promise to make the moment even more unforgettable for family and friends with the “Fifty Golden Years” 50th Anniversary Frosted-Glass Votive.

You won’t find a more elegant and meaningful favor. The frosted glass votive, which is 2” h x 1 ¾” in diameter, contains a fragrant, vanilla-scented candle. A classic, silver-metal plaque, decoratively inscribed with a scroll design and “50th,” adorns the front of the favor. Tied around the votive is a delicate, gold-braided cord with two exquisite silk tassels completing the design. These beautiful votives are sold in sets of four.

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Price is for set of 4
Example if you buy only 1 set you will pay $12.00 plus s/h and you will receive 4 votives 
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