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Rosewood Color Choice-With Lift Out Tray
9" x 5

Black Wood Box -With No Lift Out Tray
7 by 5

Fellow Traveler

I have traveled to the four corners of the world and sailed the seven seas. I have climbed every mountain and roamed the prairies. I have searched every cavern and crevasse. I have walked the deserts until my thirst brought me to the ocean. Ive even searched the waters secret highways. All for one purpose - To find you. You are the one that holds the key to my heart and the map to my soul. For on my journey when I needed strength I spoke your name. When I needed hope I knelt and prayed that you were not far. When I was tired and felt I might not be able to go any further, the thoughts of you were the wind at my back. When I lost my way you were my True North. When I cried the wind whispered your name and dried my tears. When I needed rest I imagined falling asleep in your arms. When I felt alone your presence was there to comfort me. And so now at the end of this solitary journey, my hearts quest is that you will take my hand and join me for a new adventure. One we can share together. Always and forever.
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         Fellow Traveler
    Keepsake Box and Key

Whether you are in a new relationship, long distance relationship, newly married or celebrating any special occasion this engraved solid wood keepsake box will touch the heart and satisfy even the most discriminating of tastes.

Author and poet Arlene Brown has created a beautiful story that captures the mind, soul and spirit. (read the complete story located to your left). 

The story itself is laser engraved on the inside lid of this extraordinary box along with a beautiful compass motif engraved on the top.

When your gift recipient opens the box they will find a solid pewter key. The key is approximately 4 long and has been hand forged just for us here in the USA. The key will be placed in a red velvet presentation jewelers bag for that "extra touch".
An optional brass name plate is available at no additional charge for a limited time.

Truly an instant heirloom!
Pewter Key To My Heart Included

Measurement for the key is approximately 4 " long

The story "Fellow Traveler" is Copyrighted by Kemper Lake Group. "Fellow Traveler" is an original work by Arlene Brown and may not be used, reproduced, copied electronically or via any other  medium without expressed written permission.  All Rights Reserved


   Rosewood Color  Box Is Approximately  9" x 5
In Stock


              Now Available In Black!-In Stock

              Black Box Measures 7 by 5
                              In stock


 Step 1 - Choose Your Box Color
   Rosewood Color Box Rosewood is out of stock
  Black Box
Black is available
 Step 2 - Choose Your Key:
 Step 3 - Add Text Here If  You Are Adding Engraving
                For The Optional FREE Brass Plate.
     Maximum Amount of Characters is 28

Remember, Rosewood is out of stock. Black IS available.


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