Saint Peregrine -
Patron Saint of Cancer Patients
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Saint Peregrine - Patron Saint of Cancer Patients Prayer Coin

Give this St. Peregrine’s religious coin as a source of comfort to a loved one affected by the trauma of cancer. Those who hold this coin connect with the legacy of St. Peregrine -- "The Wonder Worker" – the patron Saint for those who suffer from cancer.

Born in Forli, Italy around 1265, St. Peregrine suffered from a painful disease within his own body. He endured his illness and continued to heal the sick around him through the wisdom of the Lord. May this coin serve as a welcome reminder of the power of the Lord’s mercy and goodness in your time of challenge.

The obverse of the religious coin shows an image of St. Peregrine, at the ready to heal and comfort the sick. The reverse displays an inspiring message of hope,

"It cannot cripple love, it cannot shatter hope, it cannot corrode faith, it cannot eat away peace, it cannot destroy confidence, it cannot shout out memories, it cannot silence courage, it cannot invade the soul, it cannot quench the spirit, it cannot lessen the power of the Resurrection."

Minted in deep relief using a special "splash minting" process, this coin is struck in MerlinGold® and finished in antique bronze.

Saint Peregrine - Patron Saint of Cancer Patients              

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