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Anniversary Edition

Journey back with us in time. To a simpler age when sending ones affection or good thoughts in a note or letter was awaited with intense anticipation.

Send someone you care about our unique Sentimental Messages In A Bottle Gift With
Pewter Key. A exclusive!

Your special Gift Bottle will be filled with real rose petals that have been freeze dried to maintain their beauty and aroma. The rose petals are then
sprinkled with celebration heart confetti.

The key is actually a copy of a Victorian era gate key which is reminiscent of a simpler, romantic age when these keys opened the gates to beautiful Victorian gardens and homes. Key measures approximately
3" long.

Next we print your letter or poem on fine parchment paper. After it is printed we carefully hand roll the letter into a scroll. It is then sealed with a gold foil seal. The scroll is placed inside the bottle and then the pewter key ring fits over the bottles rim. The cork seals the bottle. We finish the bottle off with an elegant satin ribbon. The bottle is then placed in our spectacular velvet gift bag with ribbon drawstring.

Careful attention is paid to shipping your special gift. After we place the bottle in its special container it is carefully packaged to protect the bottle from any breakage during shipment.




  • Glass Bottle

  • Approx. 12" With Cork
  • Red Gift Box

  • Lead Free Solid Pewter Key To My Heart

  • Real Rose Petals That Have Been Freeze Dried

  • Heart Shaped Confetti Pieces

  • Parchment Scroll With Your Special Message
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                                   Want To Write Your Own Message For The Scroll? It's Easy!
                                     Simply Choose From The Drop Down "Will Write My Own Message At Final Checkout"
                                     At Final Checkout There Is A Space Provided  For You To Write Your  Own Message
                                     Maximum Amount of Characters For This Bottle Scroll Is 1000 Including Spaces

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