Galileo Thermometer
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This Item Has Been Discontinued

Galileo Thermometer

Developed by Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) this striking cherry wood thermometer will bring both character and curiosity to any office or home. It is both educational as well as entertaining and certainly will satisfy even the most discriminating of tastes.

The story behind these unique thermometers is that as he was s
earching for a way to measure temperatures, and Galileo discovered this fascinating method. He placed several exactly weighted balls in a cylinder filled with a liquid. He found that the balls rose or fell according to the temperature. By this method, Galileo was able to determine the current temperature. The thermometer works on the principle that the density of a liquid changes as temperature varies. Each of the glass balls is exactly weighted by partially filling them with liquid. When the temperature rises, the liquid in the glass cylinder becomes less dense, and the heavier balls sink slowly to the bottom. You read the thermometer by looking at the lowest floating ball, which indicates the current temperature. If all of the balls float to the top, the temperature is below the lowest floating ball. If all the balls sink, the temperature is above the highest ball. Our wood encased version allows for an optional Free brass engraving plate to be done on  the base. Overall height is 12.25".  The perfect gift! Great for awards, corporate gifts, nautical gift, military gift or any special occasion! Arrives boxed with instructions..


FREE Engraving
Arrives Boxed.
Height is 12.25" Tall.
Solid Wood Construction 
Viewing Chamber is Glass
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This Item Has Been Discontinued

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